OLN launches JustFood.tv

Online Lifestyle Network (OLN) has launched Arabic cooking platform JustFood.tv. With a collection of exclusive videos, recipes and chefs, JustFood.tv aims to create a platform that will provide women and men with expert advice to embrace cooking in the region. The new website launch complements OLN’s existing network of Arabic digital magazines, which include Nawa3em.com, gheir.com, Ra2ed.com and Chababs.com as well as OLN TV, the lifestyle and entertainment platform that streams video content in the Arabic language.

“With JustFood.tv we were looking to create a hospitable and sociable experience,” says Rudolf Jabre, CEO, OLN. “So, it was essential for our users to be able to easily explore premium content. We also wanted to showcase JustFood.tv as an ideal partner for brands and advertisers to create great culinary and consumer experiences in the region, as food and cooking represent a rich area in the digital world today. We’re very excited for the possibilities ahead.”

Zoya Sakr Jabre, Group Editor-in-Chief of OLN adds, “The food culture has evolved and changed so much in the last decade, and is about much more than sustenance; it’s about health and creativity. JustFood.tv reflects the food revolution in our culture, whilst also celebrating the Middle East’s exuberant and eclectic tastes.”

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