O1NE Yas Island

As the Grand Opening weekend gets underway at O1NE Yas Island, Team TMN catch up with the Sky Management team to find out what’s in store…

Congratulations on the launch of O1NE Yas Island. Does this concept have any association with the original SKYBAR, Beirut
Yes, we at Sky Management own SKYBAR and also O1NE Beruit which is the same design and concept  as the Abu Dhabi venue. We have gone one step further in Abu Dhabi though and added in some really unique touches.

With so much competition in the Abu Dhabi and Dubai nightlife scene, what makes O1NE Yas Island different?
O1NE Yas Island is a concept all on its own and it will open every Thursday to accommodate 1,000 club goers at a single time. O1NE is more than just a nightclub, it is an innovative breakthrough, a monument that mixes art, lavishness and technology.

Is it a private members bar? Or is it open to the public?  
While the opening weekend is by private invitation only, the bar will be open to the public every Thursday from here on in. It’s free entrance for standing but tables are available with a minimum spend.

What is the basic concept of O1NE – is it a nightclub, lounge bar or a bar & restaurant?
O1NE Yas Island is a nightclub with a 360-degree 3D projection mapping on the inside that can transport guests from St. Tropez to outer space on every visit. These, among many other elements, make O1NE Yas Island an artistic and technological landmark in the city. The idea is a cutting edge venue, which mixes art and technology.

Who is the interior designer for O1NE Yas Island and what is the concept behind the venue’s design?
The  architecture and interiors were designed by Sari El Khanzen Architects and the design emulates a coliseum, with an 18 metre high celling. The architecture and interiors are made to complement the technology and bring it to life.

We’ve heard the venue features a graffiti wall. Tell us more…
Yes, O1NE Yas Island features the world’s largest privately owned graffiti wall on the outside and 19 of the world’s best graffiti artists were flown in to work on it for the last two weeks. Some 30 personnel have been on hand to help them have full access to the outer walls, that measure 18 metres high and total 3,000 sqm.

If the urban art doesn’t excite party-goers, what else will draw them to the venue?
On top of offering a fantastic new venue, we will be bringing in world-renowned DJs to impress party goers and ensure they are drawn to the venue.

Is this the company’s first venue launch in the UAE?
No, we own Skybar in Yas Marina also.

What does Sky Management have planned next for the region?
O1NE Yas Island is the latest of our regional offerings and there are plans to expand further in the region in 2014. We will be sure to keep you updated!


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