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    Reena RatanReena Ratan

    I get rather annoyed when PRs request I book a photographer for an event they’re hosting – not even asking, but almost telling me! It would be nice if they simply sent the invite which also clearly states that photographers are welcome. We will get in touch with them if we’re able to send someone to cover the event. One thing to remember: good manners go a long way!

    Sudeshna GhoshSudeshna Ghosh

    Ah, don’t get me started on this! Even worse is when I’m requested to send a photographer to cover events – when we don’t even do social pages. I’m looking forward to the day when more PRs here start to target their communications to the media they are contacting, in line with international standards. And yes, please don’t send me oil & gas press releases, while you’re at it!!

    Celia-Jane UkwenyaCelia-Jane Ukwenya

    People constantly get my name wrong, I get Celina, Cecile, Cynthia, Cecelia, multiple variations of names that sound like CELIA. It does say it in my signature…!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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