Noon Art Boutique Hotel Apartments

As Dubai’s latest hotel prepares for launch, Team TMN caught up Managing Director, Rasha Al Mutawa to find out what’s in store…

The grand launch of Noon Art Boutique Hotel Apartments is set for February 10, 2014. What can we expect from Dubai’s newest hotel?
We are extremely excited for the launch of Dubai’s first completely art-inspired hotel, as it’s the first of its kind in the UAE. It has been bought to life by three Arabic artists; Dr. Najat Meky, a recognised Emirati female artist, Mr. Ali Hassan, a resident of Qatar and Mr. Khaled Ben Simane, a Tunisian national. All three artists are not only contemporary painters, but also highly skilled in sculpture and ceramics.

Where is Noon Art Boutique Hotel Apartments located?
It’s in a very central location, which was important to us – Al Barsha. We wanted to make sure Noon was accessible from most places in Dubai like the Mall of the Emirates, Dubai Marina and Downtown Dubai.

What is the basic concept of the hotel?
The concept is ‘art of hospitality’ and the entire hotel is inspired by the art of Dr. Najat Meky, Mr. Ali Hassan and Mr. Khaled Ben Simane. It’s a refreshing concept that we hope will be a creative spot for like-minded people to come together and encapsulate the importance of art and culture in this ever-expanding city.

Where did the concept for Noon Art Boutique Hotel Apartments originate?
The concept came to life when founder Khalid Almutawa decided to combine his love for art with his real estate business. The idea was to create a space where people live in an artistic environment and leave with a full understanding of the art.

The hotel includes an art gallery. Will this be open to the public?
Noon Art Gallery is located on the first floor of the Hotel. It will be open to public visitors and home to a variety of artists. Noon Art Gallery also has a restaurant and café, which will allow customers to relax and experience their surroundings whilst enjoying international cuisine.

Tell us about the Noon Art Gallery.
A wide range of art will be featured on a regular basis along with exhibitions that will be hosted throughout the year. From the opening, there will be a rotation of different artists work in the gallery, to give guests a variety as well as art workshops and other art-related events.

What crowd are you expecting to attract?
We’re expecting to attract art lovers in the region and from around the world – we’ve experienced great interest from media in Dubai, the UK and South Africa. However, we are also aiming to spread the Arab art industry further and bring it to the attention of people who are not in the industry.

What makes Noon Art Boutique Hotel Apartments stand out ahead of Dubai’s vast hotel offerings?
It is the only hotel in the region that is completely art-inspired – there is artwork throughout the hotel from the lobby, suites and even the elevators. We have kept a similar theme throughout the hotel and each artist has three or four floors each. If you look carefully they’ve added their own artistic touch on each floor – in the cushions and curtain details, every piece of furniture, and even the lights.

Is this the company’s first launch in the UAE and is there any plan to expand the hotel concept in the future?
This is the first in the UAE and there are definite plans of expanding. We are already working on further projects, which will be revealed in the next 12 months.


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