Debonair magazine to launch online platform

Following a successful launch last month, Debonair magazine has announced plans for the publication’s online platform – –set to go live this coming November. Debonair is a Dubai-based print and online publication dedicated to men’s luxury lifestyle. The monthly publication strives to deliver independent, informative and visually impressive content, with features that celebrate the notion of timeless style rather than fleeting fashions. The new title circulates 16,400 copies across the UAE, offering a focus on arts & culture and showcasing the best in property, precision instruments and travel destinations.

The Debonair platform will include features that have run in the print publication, as well as online-only content, which is designed to create a more interactive experience. The website will feature, video, sound bites and a variety of images to offer a more comprehensive view of the stories and further the print offering. Significantly, the Debonair website will also host an online store for a soon-to-be-launched menswear brand that has been created by the Debonair team.

“Launching Debonair has been like filling a blank canvas with ideas for a new approach to men’s lifestyle journalism,” says Jihane Miller, Editor, Debonair. “We celebrate the enduring appeal of style as opposed to the fleeting nature of trends, and look to bring a more diverse offering in terms of subject ranges and cultural agenda. We’ve set out to produce a magazine that is confident, stylish and charming – the very definition of debonair.”

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