New online magazine launches

Online ‘blogzine’, Style Vault Dubai, has launched its first issue. Co-Founded by PR professionals Zainab Imichi Alhassan and Natasha D’Souza, Style Vault Dubai offers a new perspective into the Dubai lifestyle, covering fashion, beauty, food, nightlife and creative people. With an online platform updated daily – – Style Vault Dubai is now available monthly with a free subscription.

Style Vault Dubai was created as a platform to curate global fashion and lifestyle content and give it a Dubai point of view,” says Zainab. “We wanted something laid-back, young, modern and cool.

Natasha adds, “The magazine caters to Dubai’s tech-savvy and intelligent populace, and our readers are people who will match a Prada bag with a Zara dress. We are trying to create something cheeky, something different.”

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