Keynote speakers for DMF 2015 announced

This year’s Digital Media Forum is to feature a number of luminaries and senior thought leaders in the digital industry who will be offering their expert opinions on the exciting new developments in the sector. Held under the banner ‘Digital Technology: Bringing the Future Closer,” DMF 2015, which takes place on March 24 and 25 will assess the influence of the evolving digital landscape on businesses, brands and consumers, examining the challenges presented by the fast-moving landscape.

Keynote speakers at DMF 2015 include Naseem Javed, President, ABC Nambank; Igor Beuker, professional speaker, author, technology and trends and Faris Abouhamad, President of Resonance Middle East, Chairman and World President of the International Advertising Association.

“There is no better time for professionals in our field to come together and learn from each other,” says Faris Abouhamad. “Digital media has already revolutionised the advertising and marketing industry, and growth of innovation and technology continues to push the boundaries. Conferences such as the Digital Media Forum help us all to grow professionally and I’m looking forward to speaking at the event. I hope that I will be able to give a sense of how innovation, content and context can lead to phenomenal brand value.”

Igo Beuker adds, “I am very excited to speak at the fourth edition of Digital Media Forum Dubai, since it’s the most inspiring and ambitious media event in the Middle East. In my keynote address ‘The Future of Retail & eCommerce,’ I will show how brands can use disruptive technology and data-driven marketing to shake up the marketplace.”

Topics under the DMF banner this year include ‘Rise of the User Architect,’ ‘Social Commerce VS eCommerce,’ ‘Rise of the Content Officer,’ ‘Harnessing the power of big data analytic in building business and brands’ and ‘The future of search and social media algorithms in the changing landscape of communications.’

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