Jashanmal Books launches quarterly magazine

Jashanmal Books has launched a new quarterly magazine, Jashanmal Quarterly. The A5 size publication is edited by ex-Open Skies Editor Conor Purcell.

“The size, the design and the content all reflect a love of the printed page, something that Jashanmal has supported for decades. We believe this shows what is possible with a custom publication, and that regional print titles can be surprising and innovative,” says Conor.

According to Narain Jashanmal, General Manager – NPP, Books & OCS, Jashanmal Group, “It’s an object that demands to be in print – from the choice of paper to the five-colour printing. We sell books after all and we anticipate that people who love books will appreciate JQ (as we’re affectionately referring to it).”

The second issue will be out early next year and be devoted to art. The first issue is available at all Jashanmal Books stores as well as a number of cafes across Dubai.

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