Insignia Worldwide launches new PR division

Branding and communications agency, Insignia Worldwide, has today launched its new PR division, Insignia PR. The Dubai-based agency will provide representation for destination brands, including international hotel groups, boutique properties, leading restaurants and lifestyle venues and the arts and culture segments.

“We speak the language of travel and lifestyle fluently as we understand consumer dynamics, key feeder markets, seasonalities and segmentation,” says Founder & CEO, Gaurav Sinha. “When you complement this knowledge with our insights about the region, our ability to influence media as well as the market, and our imagination to deliver creative and compelling messaging platforms, you have a refreshing new perspective on PR services.”

At the helm of Insignia PR is Director, Gabriela Asquith, who adds: “Our foremost strength lies in our international media relations, promoting homegrown brands across the world and connecting international brands to this region.”

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