Her Paper

Team TMN chat with Jason Bowman, Sales Director at Black Iris Publishing to find out more about Her Paper, the soon-to-be launched lifestyle newspaper for women

Tell us a bit about Black Iris Publishing and Her Paper….
Black Iris Publishing was formed in the UAE in 2012, when we began publishing one8one magazine – a lifestyle magazine for students distributed to Virgin Megastores, high schools, universities and higher education institutions across the UAE.

As print media is declining, we wanted to breathe life back into this medium by using augmented reality, combined with e-commerce to allow readers to buy the products they see in print, through a corresponding mobile app. This month we are launching Her Paper, which will be the UAE’s first lifestyle newspaper for women that utilises augmented reality technology.

Tell us about the concept behind Her Paper
Her Paper will keep readers abreast of the latest lifestyle news whilst allowing them to purchase everything they see or read in the newspaper instantly. The publication runs in tandem with get it – so readers can simply scan an article or advertisement they see, and a video advertisement pops up in the app (if the brands have video adverts for their campaigns), which lists any products/services that are available in a menu. Readers can then click on the product/service that they want to purchase and we will deliver it to their door within 24 hours, if it’s a product. If it’s a service that has been booked – a test drive or cinema ticket, for example – we would then send a confirmation to their email.

What made you decide to launch Her Paper in the Middle East?
Women love to shop, women are online and women are mobile. In this day and age consumers want products and services instantly and we satisfy this demand by delivering products straight to your door, eliminating the need to even leave the comfort of an armchair.

Will Her Paper be available in any other formats?
Her Paper will be available through our app, get it, which will be found on Android and Apple. You will also be able to get Her Paper online.

How do you think the get it mobile app will enhance readers experience?
Imagine seeing a product or service in a newspaper and thinking to yourself; I want to buy that, now! get it allows you to do just that, regardless of whether the brand is available online. We stock the products in our warehouse and do the deliveries ourselves. If a brand has a video commercial, or wants to offer readers a further digital experience, we can also offer that service through the app.

What do you think makes Her Paper particularly relevant to the MENA community?
We are lucky enough to be spoilt living here in the UAE. We can call local mini-markets to deliver grocery items to our door. Her Paper is just capitalising on this concept, but using mid-to-upmarket consumer products and services.

How will you make HerPaper stand out from other publications available?
Her Paper is the first newspaper available exclusively for women aged between 18 and 45. Combined with the get it app, there is no other product like it in the market.

How can PRs and brands get involved with Her Paper or the get it app?
Simply give me a call on 050 656 1567 or drop me an email on jason@blkiris.com.

Will you be working with one dedicated editorial team, or will there be opportunities for freelancers?
For Her Paper, we are working with a dedicated editorial team, but we are also not adverse to freelancers. 

How do you think HerPaper can be developed in the future?
An Arabic version will be available shortly, the rest has to remain secret…