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With Dubai reaching perfect outdoor temperatures, Team TMN finds the perfect way to relax and boost beach-body confidence – all in just 90 minutes…

What: Shrinking Violet Body Wrap

Where: Talise Spa, Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Jumeirah

When: Every Day from 09.00 – 22.00

The promise: “Shrinking Violet is a revolutionary and effective wrap treatment that removes fat cells from problem areas. The main ingredient, a phospholipid solution, blended with essential oils, works by breaking up fat cells, up to 72 hours after treatment. Results are visible immediately…”

Did it deliver? A separate building from the main hotel, Talise Health Centre is a beautifully appointed, very serene-feeling area with stunning views over the waterways. After a warm welcome from the staff at the front desk, Team TMN were promptly lead to the fitness side of the centre to have a set of measurements taken prior to our treatment. Following a day of grazing in the office, being measured comprehensively by Talise’s impressively high-tech body scanner was not exactly a welcome task. However, when left in the capable hands of trainer Natascha, who calmly explained to us the machine’s many readings and what they meant, the process was painless and incredibly informative. With problem promptly being identified to be targeted during the treatment, we were given a tour of Talise’s fabulous facilities before being lead to one of their beautifully-appointed private rooms.

Once changed into the fetching disposable underwear provided, therapist Shani explained to us the process involved in a Shrinking Violet wrap, before she had us stand over heated towels to apply the treatment’s specially developed oil. A mixture consisting mostly of phospholipids and soy bean extract, the oil was thoroughly massaged into the skin. We were then snuggly wrapped from head to toe in what looked (and felt) like industrial-strength cling film.

Feeling mummified and rather warm, we were carefully – as completely unable to move our joints – moved onto a bed and wrapped in a heated blanket (to increase the treatment’s effectiveness).  As the part that we dreaded most, this was a surprisingly comfortable experience. The heat mostly affected areas already under wraps, which meant that it wasn’t particularly unpleasant and felt more like being tucked up under a duvet on a cold day, a strange feeling considering Dubai’s climate. Once settled, we were treated to a wonderfully stress-busting taster facial using Swiss skincare line Bellefontaine, which is exclusive to Jumeirah Hotel spas in Dubai. The relaxing and rejuvenating facial, combined with Shani’s friendly chatter and careful explanation of all processes involved, quickly put all worries to rest and soothed any feelings of overheating or claustrophobia.

After a further 30 minutes or so of drifting in and out of sleep, we were woken to find our cocoon being cut away to reveal sweaty but detoxified bodies. Thankfully the juniper, cyprus and lavender oils used in the treatment meant that we were left smelling wonderful – especially important as it is advised that you don’t shower for 24 hours post-treatment. Following further measurements and another consultation with Natascha, Team TMN were left feeling smug in our detoxified, slimmer states.

The Verdict: Though this isn’t the most sustainable way to slim down – nor, at AED849 a pop, is it the cheapest – the Shrinking Violet body wrap is an excellent way to boost confidence and lose an inch or two from problem areas. The minimal fuss involved in the treatment makes it a fantastic way to kick-start a detox, or get ready for a beach holiday. With Talise’s expert therapists proving friendly and attentive service, the whole process feels reassuringly relaxed and far more therapeutic than alternatives.

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