Getty Images signs deal with QOC

Getty Images has signed a deal with the Qatar Olympic Committee (QOC) to create a bespoke digital archive system for the QOC’s heritage assets. Getty Images will partner with digital video systems designer EVS to build the archive management system, which will host videos, tapes, DVDs, photos and documents dating from 1979.

Getty Images’ web-based asset management service, Media Manager, will host the QOC’s photo and documental assets, while EVS will construct a Media Archive Director video system to ingest, manage and deliver all video content.

As part of the deal, Getty Images will also share best practice with the QOC photo team on capturing imagery at sports events and official appointments.

“Creating and managing content is the DNA of Getty Images,” says Lee Martin, Senior Vice President EMEA, Getty Images. “So we are delighted to provide this content solution for Qatar Olympic Committee, helping them ensure the preservation and longevity of their assets.”

H.E. Sheikh Saoud Bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani, Qatar Olympic Committee Secretary General adds, “We know Getty Images to be a world leader in the content space, and see this collaboration as a way to help transfer knowledge to all QOC staff and secure the legacy and heritage of QOC’s assets for future generations.”

Benoit Février, Senior Vice President Media of EVS concludes, “Our integrated media archive management solutions are designed to offer full mastering over media workflows from ingest to delivery, guaranteeing the highest level of security, flexibility and video content accessibility. We are proud to partner with Getty Images to provide our technology and expertise to meet the Qatar Olympic Committee’s requirements.”

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