Eliza Sloane leaves Conrad Hotels

Eliza Sloane has left her position as Director of Bars and Restaurants at the Conrad Hotel, Dubai. Having been in the position for two years, Eliza was responsible of all pre-opening setups, launches to market and successful operations of the Food & Beverage venues at the Conrad Hotel, and oversaw each venue’s individual marketing campaigns, conceptualising and branding. Upon leaving her position, Eliza moves on to co-found two consultancy companies based here in Dubai, concentrating on local and international contracts.

“Being part of the Conrad Dubai pre-opening team has been one of the most treasured professional journeys of my life,” says Eliza. “Working with a brilliant and dynamic team has been a privilege, and the reception and encouragement from our associates, suppliers, peers and the media has also been remarkable. The success Conrad Dubai has already enjoyed will undoubtedly continue to grow year on year.”

The first consulting agency,Terra Firma – www.tfcg.consulting – will focus on corporate management strategies in the hospitality, FMCG, retail, real estate, IT banking and construction industries, while For Example will offer specialist consulting for all the required components of opening an F&B venue; including conception, branding, launch to operation, systems, staffing and marketing.


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