Content Plus launches index for top agencies in the UAE

Dubai-based consultancy, Content Plus has launched new public relations index in the UAE. The PR index aims to provide a practical assessment and examine the efficiency of agencies in the UAE based on the first-hand experience of journalists through a poll as well as act as a guide for companies to select the best PR agency representation. With 200 journalist polled, the results shortlisted ten best agencies, ranking them based on the quality of content and effective engagement with the media by evaluating their level of support, fast follow up and interaction. The full list is available on

“The importance of these perspectives lies in the fact that the media is essentially, the primary channel used to convey the messages of PR agencies’ clients to their target audiences,” says Mohammed Baida, Managing Director, Content Plus. “By launching the Public Relations Index, Content Plus aims to analyse the strengths and weaknesses of the UAE PR industry and pinpoint practical ways to improve their level of collaboration with different media outlets.”