Bloomberg expands into Middle East

Bloomberg is set to expand its media offering in the Middle East with a suite of new, regionally-focused editorial platforms to serve its audience of business and financial consumers based, or interested in, the region. The expansion will combine the resources of Bloomberg’s 80-strong Middle East editorial team, as well as new senior talent, with local expertise, giving business and financial professionals better access to the region’s newsmakers and market-moving news via a variety of new platforms including; a dedicated digital destination, original television programming, a new television studio and major new conference convening the Middle East’s most influential leaders in business and finance.

The expanded media offering in the Middle East includes a dedicated Middle Eastern edition of flagship online destination, will dedicate expertise to globally significant themes, appealing particularly to readers across the Middle East.

“Bloomberg’s latest regional editorial products build on more than 20 years of newsgathering across the Arab world to introduce new platforms for storytelling on the companies, markets, economies and politics shaping the Middle East,” says Riad Hamade, Managing Editor, Middle East and North Africa, Bloomberg. “Adding new media platforms will allow us to deliver more relevant stories to our growing audience of business and financial professionals across the region.”