BIEN magazine now live online

Imperial Publishing has introduced the online version of its soon-to-be-launched beauty magazine BIEN. Offering a daily dose of beauty news, reviews, interviews and features, topics may range similar to the print publication, but will provide sample opportunities where readers can try beauty products, services and tools in sample sizes for free. In exchange, readers will write their own reviews in order to gain access to more samples in the future.

The print version of BIEN will be available bi-monthly from March 2015, covering a wide range of topics dedicated to beauty specifically for UAE consumers. BIEN will be distributed in all beauty centres, spas, hospitals, offices, coffee shops, universities, nurseries, fashion shops and lounges across the UAE.

“I’m really excited to be a part of BIEN and to be a part of the lives of the women we hope to reach and inspire,” says Ayesha Pajares, Online Editor, “In a city that’s filled with fashion and lifestyle magazines, we provide a different perspective by focusing on the things that matter in a woman’s quest for refining, enhancing and projecting her true image. BIEN aims to be be her go-to destination in educating herself about her physical and inner beauty.”


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