Aquarius launches bespoke covers

Aquarius magazine has launched individually-named bespoke March 2016 issue covers for each of the magazine’s 1,500 subscribers. Each cover is a variation on the retail edition cover, but features the reader’s name as part of the main headline and reduced coverlines. Each personalised cover will be delivered directly to the subscriber’s door as part of the brand’s strategy for consolidating and growing its subscriber database and focusing on brand-to-hand activities. The magazine will also begin to include personalised advertising pages, with Home Centre personalising their artwork in the March issue. 

“Aquarius is in a unique position thanks to being a part of GN Printing and GN Distribution – which has allowed us to introduce this exclusive gift to our readers,” says Katie Heskett, Publisher of the Women’s Lifestyle Group, GN Publishing. “Creating personalised covers has been a team effort with all parts of GN Media working together for the benefit of our audience as well as our clients.”

Louisa Wilkins, Editor, Aquarius, adds “We always want to give back to our readers and an exclusive subscriber cover is just one way we’re doing that. From the magazine team to the delivery boys getting it to their door, everyone has been excited to be part of the process.”