Al Arabiya English launches blog section

Al Arabiya English has added a blogs section to its website, to focus on additional areas of interest outside of politics. The section will feature a host of international writers covering fashion, beauty, career coaching, nutrition and fitness, there will also be features from sports, politics, business and art bloggers who will add to the topics covered. The new blog section will be edited by Eman El-Shenawi and the section’s inaugural blog piece was written by Sultan al-Qassemi, a commentator on Arab affairs and art in the region, on why the Middle East must embrace placing art online.

“Our lifestyle page has become one of the top three traffic generators on our website and it was through that we had the idea to launch the blog section,” says Faisal Abbas, Editor-in-Chief, Al Arabiya English. “Although we are known for politics, we thought we’d give those who write on nutrition, sports and life in general an opportunity to write for our website.”