A2Zarabia.com launches in the UAE

Dubai-based entrepreneur team launches A2Zarabia.com, a consumer-based online platform in the UAE. A2Zarabia.com is a one stop online shopping hub that aims to combine the functionality of different categories to effectively make life easier for its users. The new platform will be headed by Syed Sarfraz and Parvez Ahmed as the co-founders and it will feature categories that include properties and motors, as well as sections for jobs, exclusive deals, events and other classifieds.

“There are multiple existing websites for each category separately giving its users significant value,” says Syed Sarfraz, Chief Executive Officer, A2Zarabia.com. “However, there isn’t a single website, that satisfies all these daily requirements at a single portal for the user which will make their life easier. We wanted to provide this service to the users across the UAE and beyond. The website has already received a good reception with vendors and strategic partnerships with major brands.”