Luxury lifestyle blog launches

Dubai-based PR professional, Manon Isabella has launched a new digital platform under her name, that features topics ranging from fashion and beauty to travel and lifestyle. Previously Director of PR & Communications for lifestyle and travel quarterly, Horizon & Beyond, Isabella aims to communicate her interests and experiences in Dubai through her new personalised blog.

“Starting my blog was a very spontaneous decision, but definitely my best decision of 2016!” says Isabella. “I only work together with brands that I truly believe in and can identify myself with. It is important for me to stay genuine and honest about my personal interests.”

Khaleej Times welcomes new Assistant Editor

Dubai-based newspaper, Khaleej Times has appointed Anamika Chatterjee to the role of Assistant Editor for its weekly magazine, wknd. Previously Editor of celebrity and lifestyle weekly, Masala’s online portal, part of ITP Publishing Group, Anamika will now contribute to editorial content for wknd’s print and digital editions.

‘I am thoroughly excited about the new assignment and hope to work closely with a team of very talented and motivated editors and writers,” says Anamika

Harper’s Bazaar makes new appointments

Monthly fashion and lifestyle title, Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, falling under the umbrella of ITP Publishing Group, has welcomed Alexandra Venison and Gina Tadros to its team.

Previously Fashion & Beauty Director at Viva, ITP Publishing Group has promoted Alexandra Venison to the role of Digital Editor at Harper’s Bazaar Arabia. In her new role, Alexandra will be primarily responsible for fashion, beauty and celebrity digital content for the title. Gina Tadros, former Editor-in-Chief at Hello! Arabia, has been appointed as Editor of the title’s Arabic website, which is due to launch in 2017. Gina will oversee all content creation for Harper’s Bazaar Arabia‘s new digital platform.

New appointment at ITP Publishing Group

Dubai-based publishing house, ITP Publishing Group welcomes Widad Naami to the role of Senior Digital Commercial Manager. Previously Business Development Manager at digitalCUPS and Head of Business Development and Sales at Buro 24/7 ME, Widad has over 10 years of experience in the region’s media and publishing industry. In her new role, Widad will be responsible for the commercial development of all Hearst’s online titles under ITP Publishing Group, which includes the Middle East editions of Cosmopolitan and Harper’s Bazaar and Men’s Health as well as Women’s Health.

New industry event series launches

Dubai-based PR, marketing and communications agency, Fekra Communications has launched a new industry-related event series called Let’s Talk! With the first event to take place in March 2017, the new division aims to bring together communication and media experts of the region as well as senior officials and policy makers to shed light on trending topics in the industry.

“We are truly delighted with the recent launch of our new industry events arm in the region,” says Mohammed El Batta, Managing Director, Fekra Communications. “Our conferences are designed to present today’s professionals with an expert perspective and learning opportunity that they need to keep abreast of the latest trends and stay competitive in this digitally wired world. From the preeminent thinkers whose work has defined the field to the rising stars who will redefine the way we think about our business, our conferences will offer a platform for the industry’s leading minds to share their insights and best practices.”

Kiss Tension Goodbye

When Team TMN found out about a new cupping therapy that promises to provide health and slimming benefits, we couldn’t wait to put it to the test…

What: Cup Kiss body massage – Chinese cupping massage therapy.

Where: Tips & Toes, Al Barsha

When: Tips and Toes is open from 10am until 10pm from Sunday to Thursday and 10am to 11pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

The promise: The Cup Kiss body massage is an ancient Chinese therapy dating back thousands of years and was used to treat royals and superiors. The therapy utilises special vacuum silicon cups to squeeze out excess fluids and toxins from the body while reducing stress levels and loosening the muscles.

Did it Deliver? The Cup Kiss body massage is nothing like Team TMN had imagined, it was the epitome of a perfect spa experience. As we walked into the spa, we were greeted by the receptionist who was warm and welcoming, making us feel comfortable. We were then directed to the spa waiting room where we sat on cabana beds while waiting for our session to start. The soothing sound of running water in the fountain created a peaceful atmosphere along with the dimmed lights and calming interior building the perfect aura for that unforgettable experience.

The lovely lady that gave us the massage was clearly a professional and her gentle techniques put us at ease immediately. She first introduced herself, then we were given warm lavender scented towels to put on and asked to lie face down in a comfortable position. The therapy then began with her aligning our body so that we were lying straight, she then rubbed oil over our body in a light circular motion, massaged to balance the blood flow and loosen the tension in our muscles. The cups were up next. She placed light silicon vacuum cups that were no wider than a small bottled water, on different parts of the body using it to kiss the skin underneath and pulling it downwards with our muscles to squeeze out excess fluids and toxins that appear as cellulite. She started from across the top of our shoulders all the way down the back, then from the spine out, basically working with our muscles. The process continued for the whole 90 minute session and throughout we could feel how gentle the cups were placed on our body, it didn’t even feel like it was sucking up our skin and pulling it to the surface.

After we had ended the session, it is safe to say that we wished this moment would not come to an end and found ourselves in a deep semi-trance. When we stepped out of the session we could already feel our muscles loose and extremely relaxed. We were asked whether we wanted to have anything to drink and at that point a lemon ginger tea seemed like the right beverage to slowly ease us back to reality. The combination of a 90 minute cupping massage, a soothing atmosphere and calming tea was the perfect spa experience to kiss the tension goodbye.

The verdict: The aftermath of the therapy session lasted for nearly two weeks and we never knew our muscles could feel that relaxed. It was also to our surprise that unlike other cupping therapies that will always leave circle marks after the session, this one was a light dose of a traditional and ancient treatment that left no marks. The use of silicon cups prevented any marks from appearing on the skin and helped with the sucking process during the session. However, although the cupping was moderately done all over our body, we did feel more suction when done on our legs and thighs, which was the only pain we felt and was so subtle – it barely even disturbed our snooze. Thus, realistically speaking for just AED275 to AED320, we would recommend it once or twice a month as it improves circulation, heightens energy levels, reduces spider veins and helps even out hormone imbalances.

Hill+Knowlton appoints new Account Executive

The Dubai offices of communications agency, Hill+Knowlton Strategies has appointed Maha Hussein to the role of Account Executive under its Finance and Professional Services team. Previously an Account Executive at Four Communications, Maha will now contribute to all PR activity for the agency’s financial and corporate clients.

“I am absolutely delighted to be joining Hill+Knowlton,” says Maha. “I like that it has a very strong GCC network as well as a robust global and affiliate network. Its rigorous professional training and development programs are what drew me to join and I am very pleased to be a part of the team.”

OOX launches new mobile advertising feature

Online advertising monitoring and intelligence company, OOXmonitor launches the Mobile Ad Monitoring feature this December as a part of its new upgrade. The new mobile advertising feature will monitor and cover the regional markets, spend estimates and the top mobile advertisers amongst other advertising insights for its users across the Middle East and North African region.

“OOXmonitor subscribers are able to generate valuable insights such as top mobile advertisers, categories, spend estimates, most popular ad units and more,” says Fouad Bedran, Co-Founder and Managing Director, OOX. “We promise to deliver more innovative solutions in 2017, just stay tuned.”