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With a unique magazine concept being launched in the region, Team TMN sat down with Editor-in-Chief, Eva Khan, to discuss the finer details behind Training Magazine Middle East 

When is the launch of Training Magazine Middle East?
The Training Magazine Middle East website is launching next month, and will offer up-to-date articles, news and interviews for the training industry in the Middle East. The first issue of our digital magazine – Training Magazine Middle East – will be launching in August. The magazine will include exclusive articles, case studies, plus audio and video content not available on our website.

 Will the magazine be available as a print publication or exclusively online?
The magazine will be available to download, and readers will also have the opportunity to order a printed copy of the magazine.

What is the concept behind Training Magazine Middle East?
We found from our research that training is one of the biggest business sectors in the Middle East, yet there was no official publication servicing the sector. So, we decided to create a media-based platform to not only help training providers and trainers showcase their expertise, but also to help HR, training directors and training managers to make informed decisions about training and development for their organisations.

Who is the visionary behind the publication?
Both my husband and myself have worked in the training industry; my husband built and sold a very successful online training business in the UK a few years ago and we currently own an online training company.

As I was planning our move to Dubai I became aware of the huge marketplace for training in Dubai and the surrounding regions. I was surprised to find there was no hub or place where all those involved in training connected with one another, stayed up to date on trends or collaborated. I remember looking online for training events and a magazine that focused on this in the Middle East, and realising there wasn’t one, I started working on the magazine that evening.

What are the main features of the magazine?
We have regular monthly expert contributors from the Middle East who have not only experienced training in the region themselves, but continue to train and develop the workforce of some of the biggest and most successful companies in the Middle East.

We also feature exclusive case studies and interviews of high-profile figures in the training and development industry.

How will Training Magazine Middle East stand out in the publication market?
Firstly we will be the first and only publication dedicated to this market in the Middle East. We will also have the first fully interactive magazine in the region, and we will be running regular training webinars for our readers.

Will you be working with a dedicated editorial team, or are there opportunities for freelancers?
Currently we have a fully dedicated editorial team made up of some of the Middle East’s leading experts in training and development.

Will the magazine be made available freely or to members only?
Training Magazine Middle East will be freely available to download, and you can go to to register for your free copy when we launch. 

How can PRs get involved?
We welcome all press releases which are newsworthy and of potential interest to our readers. They can be submitted to

Are there any advertising opportunities, and if so, how can you be reached?
Yes, we already have interest from advertisers in both the Middle East and the US. For advertising queries in our magazine, weekly newsletter, training supplier directory and website, contact Sohail Khan, Head of Business Development at

Are there any future plans for Training Middle East Magazine once launched?
Yes, we are already planning Training Magazine Middle East events for 2015, including our first training conference and yearly awards ceremony.


For further information, contact Eva at



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