Twitter and Sky News Arabia sign understanding

Twitter and Sky News Arabia have signed a memorandum of understanding to launch an interactive panel discussion on the social media platform – Twitter’s first partnership with an Arab media organisation. A panel discussion program featuring some of the top influencers on Twitter from different fields and industries will hold monthly discussions, each dedicated to certain regionally or globally trending issues, with each discussion running between 60 and 90 minutes. Participants will Tweet their input in forms of text or video, while a Sky News Arabia representative will moderate the whole discussion in accordance with a set of rules. Followers will then be invited to Tweet their opinions and questions using the program hashtag announced ahead of each session.

“In partnership with Twitter, I am happy to announce the launch of the Niqash Tag program in a bid to cope with the rapid advancements of our audience’s interactive communication patterns, while using innovative methods of content development,” says Nart Bouran, Head, Sky News Arabia. “Sky News Arabia is a media organisation that has always adopted a multi-channel content delivery workflow, whereby we broadcast live stories across all platforms simultaneously, and interact with the audience all along.”

Kinda Ibrahim, Director of Media Partnerships, Middle East and North Africa, Twitter, adds “Our partnership with Sky News Arabia represents a pioneering initiative to engage our users on important topics currently being discussed across the region. Twitter’s increasing popularity has given users a powerful medium through which they can express themselves. Our aim with the Niqash Tag program is to promote dialogue between users and raise awareness of the Twitter tool as a communication platform between individuals, companies and a variety of other users.”

Sky News Arabia launches football app

Sky News Arabia has launched a new application dedicated to the world of local, regional and international football that will allow fans to keep up to date with the latest football news via their smartphones and tablets. The app will allow users to check live scores, learn more about team formations, club rankings, top scorers and final results, as well as access in-depth analyses and commentaries and is currently available for free on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

“This application is the result of Sky News Arabia’s business philosophy of continuous innovation and development of products for the benefit of our followers across all platforms,” says Nart Bouran, CEO, Sky News Arabia. “This latest addition to the Sky News portfolio reflects our keenness to provide football fans with all the latest news about clubs and star players along with a wide selection of statistics, photos and videos. This application is the perfect compliment to our programs and sports news on Sky News Arabia TV and radio, including the popular Malaeb program.”

Sky News Arabia to launch on Canadian cable


Sky News Arabia will now broadcast live via Rogers Cable, a Canadian cable television service by Rogers Communications Inc. Through the new service, the channel’s audience in Canada will be able to watch a host of its programs and bulletins on various platforms through subscribing to the service online.

“After reaching out to our audiences in the United States via Sling TV, joining Rogers Cable was the next strategic step.” says Nart Bouran, CEO, Sky News Arabia. “We have always been keen to provide our followers and audience, regardless of their location, with a continuous broadcast of our unique content on various platforms. This expansion aligns with our efforts as an international media organisation to provide quality content.”

Slava Levin, Co-Founder and CEO of Ethnic Channels Group Limited, adds “As the largest distributor of multicultural television content in Canada, Ethnic Channels Group brings with it a combination of cutting edge technology and distribution expertise. We share a common vision with Sky News Arabia to showcase premium news programming content to Canadian audiences. Sky News Arabia, which has already distinguished itself by its excellent journalism, can now claim its share of Canadian viewers and become the destination channel for world class news.”


Sky News Arabia introduces enhanced programming

Sky News Arabia is introducing enhanced programming, which includes additional top of the hour news slots and new interactive shows.

As part of the news component, Sky News Arabia has launched three additional top of the hour news bulletins at 4pm, 8pm and 10pm. Addressing highlights of the day, the bulletins invite experts to the studio to analyse leading global events to compliment the in-depth reporting of Sky News’ journalists. A business bulletin discussing diverse economic issues is also to be broadcast daily at 5.35pm. Furthermore, a new weekly business show will soon be introduced hosting high profile industry personalities and pioneers.

For sports lovers, Sky News Arabia has expanded its daily sports bulletin that follows the 7pm news broadcast in order to cover more sports related news. This is in addition to a weekly sports talk show that is set to launch in the near future.

Sky News Arabia has also launched a new show entitled ‘Min Al Riyadh’. Highlighting events related to the region at large, particularly Saudi Arabia, the show is anchored by Saudi television host Hamad Al Mahmoud. Additionally, new episodes of the weekly special report show ‘An Qurb’ will be aired every Friday with a focus on field journalism to provide viewers with an opportunity to watch events unfold up close. Finally, a series of hard-hitting investigative documentaries are also in production. To be aired in the coming months, the documentaries will focus on major events that concern the region, providing in-depth and behind the scenes coverage that has not been aired previously.

“We are delighted to roll out our new programming as the channel gears up to complete its third anniversary,” says Nart Bouran, Head of Sky News Arabia. “Building on the success gained to date, the new shows and news bulletins leverage latest technologies in the news business to stay at the forefront of addressing Arab public opinion on issues that truly concern our people. These efforts are part of a vision to position Sky News Arabia as a frontrunner in the television and digital space.”