Prism welcomes Faisal Bhatti

Prism Communications has welcomed Faisal Bhatti to the role of Creative Designer. With over 12 years of experience in web design applications including UI and UX design, Faisal most recently worked in Pakistan as well as the UAE across major companies such as iTACK Solutions, Secure-Bytes and Groovon, a part of Acore Group. In his new role, Faisal will be managing and overseeing the operations of the design team in Dubai.

“We are thrilled to have Faisal join the team,” says Lovetto Nazareth, Managing Director, Prism Communications. “He is a very capable young man and we look forward to creating awesome things with him here in our Dubai office.”

Prism launches E-commerce website for VOSS water

Prism Action Communication has developed and launched an online order and delivery platform for VOSS, part of Bin Hendi Enterprises. The website is not only an e-commerce destination, but is also fully mobile responsive. Bin Hendi Enterprises is the UAE’s official distributor of VOSS, the premium bottled water brand originating in Southern Norway.

“Prism was thrilled to have been able to work with Bin Hendi Enterprises, enabling consumers to have VOSS water delivered right to their doorstep,” said Managing Director, Lovetto Nazareth. “As 90% of consumers are constantly on their mobile phones, it was essential that the new website was fully mobile responsive.”.