Abu Dhabi Media signs MoU with RAI COM

Abu Dhabi Media has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with RAI COM, a leading Italian television operator working across public service, broadcasting, radio, satellite and digital platforms. The MoU agreement between Abu Dhabi Media and RAI COM will ultimately unite both geographic markets and will allow each organisation to continue promoting tourism and cultural interests, in addition to creating awareness of EXPO 2015 and EXPO 2020, which are set to take place in Milan and the UAE respectively.

“This MoU is yet another significant milestone in Abu Dhabi Media’s mission to build awareness of the UAE’s achievements locally, regionally and internationally, and reaffirms the nation’s leadership position as an international cultural, economic and financial hub,” says His Excellency Mohamed Ebraheem Al Mahmood, Chairman and Managing Director, Abu Dhabi Media. “Our partnership with RAI COM will facilitate knowledge transfer and best practice exchanged across several facets of the media industry including production, publishing and digital.”

Luigi de Siervo, Managing Director of RAI COM adds, “The signature of this agreement between RAI COM and Abu Dhabi Media represents for RAI the act for a future and long lasting mutual cooperation. It also confirms the willingness of the two countries to develop a continuous partnership. The first objective is to grant a complete coverage and detailed information about EXPO 2015 in the UAE. This will pave the road for a successful EXPO 2020 taking place in the UAE.”

The strategic partnership will see Abu Dhabi Media work in close cooperation on brand logistics and production, with each organisation benefitting from the resources and support through a series of communications and initiatives aimed at promoting activities to diverse audiences across local and international markets.

The Brand Foundation launches Start Big Initiative

In celebration of Dubai’s World Expo 2020 success, UAE-based branding agency, The Brand Foundation (TBF) has launched its Start Big Initiative, designed to support entrepreneurs with limited capital brand their businesses in a world-class manner from the start.

“Having a strategically positioned, professional brand is often the difference between failure or success,” said Lisa Knight, Founder of The Brand Foundation. “Start-ups face stiff competition from more established competitors, and your brand presents a key opportunity to communicate your differences, maximising your competitiveness and shaping perceptions about who you are and what you do right from the start.”

As professional branding services are typically only within reach of start-ups with substantial financial backing, those with limited capital are left with a dilemma. TBF has devised an SME branding package that provides businesses with a branded toolkit of essential assets (such as a brand identity, website, corporate stationery) in order to excel quicker.