entourage launches new campaign for Egypt

Dubai-based entourage marketing and events has launched its second advertising campaign for the Egypt Tourism Authority. The campaign, titled ‘Misr Orayba’, will promote Egypt’s tourism offerings to the GCC, as well as Jordan, Lebanon and parts of North Africa, including Morocco. The agency will advertise Egypt across strategic media channels such as television, radio, magazines and social media platforms. This is the second campaign entourage have launched for the Egypt Tourism Authority, the first being ‘Misr Wahashtona’ in 2014.

“Over the next six months and beyond, we plan to take Egypt closer to the Arabic speaking audience,” says Mohammed Tayem, Managing Director, entourage marketing and events. “Our ‘Misr Orayba’ campaign is inspired by the idea that Egypt is close to every Arab heart.”

Entourage announces initial results of ETA ad campaign

entourage marketing & events, in partnership with the Egypt Tourism Authority (ETA), is pleased to announce the initial results of their ETA ad campaign, “Masr Wahashtouna”, which has brought an increase of 40 percent in tourist numbers to the country from the Middle East. entourage has led the media strategy for this targeted tourism campaign by designing a strategic plan and media implementation of the campaign’s advertisement over print, TV, outdoor and a variety of digital outlets, resulting in Egypt being back up to the top five tourist destinations in the Middle East.  

“We are honoured to gain the trust of the Egypt Tourism Authority and to promote Egypt as a tourist destination in this critical time for Egypt and the region,” says Mohammed Tayem, Managing Director, entourage marketing & events. “Because of the timing for the launch of this campaign – right before the presidential elections of 2014 – our team was required to design the right strategy that not only reaches the target Arab region, but also entices their response. How we implemented this strategy was of upmost importance, given that Arabs make up a very large portion of tourists to Egypt.”