Sara Hamdan launches

Journalist Sara Hamdan has launched, a luxury hotel review site with a section dedicated to packing. Sara has been writing for the New York Times from Dubai since 2010, she has previously worked for publications such as VIVA, Stylist Arabia and Dubai Magazine, she is also currently working on a part-time project with Google. was launched as a result of her passion for escapism and the curated styles featured on the site will be displayed in a way that allows readers to click and buy outfits directly from online stores such as Retailer Bmore Bugatti, that stocks Tom Ford, Roberto Cavalli and other designer brands in the region, is currently sponsoring

“I chose to launch this site because travel, fashion and books provide the ultimate escapism for me,” says Sara. “I used to be in charge of the food and travel sections at VIVA and continued to write on these topics at Stylist Arabia and Dubai Magazine. I figured, why not write about topics I love for myself this time?”

Sara Hamdan joins Motivate Publishing

Sara Hamdan has joined Motivate Publishing as Editor of Dubai Magazine – a lifestyle quarterly, produced on behalf of Dubai Department of Tourism. Previously Deputy Editor at Viva magazine, and currently still contributor to the international New York Times in Dubai, Sara will cover the best restaurants, hotels, culture hotspots and activities Dubai has to offer.

“After over a decade of living in Dubai, I continue to be inspired every day by this dynamic city,” says Sara. “I am so excited about working with an all-star team at Dubai Tourism Dept to show tourists the best that Dubai has to offer.”