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At Ubrik Media, we take a different approach to digital marketing and web design.

Our entire focus is on growing your business and making you more $$$.


  • Execute marketing campaigns with surgical targeting to dramatically increase your leads and conversions.
  • Build sexy websites that search engines love, smartphones want to make babies with, and customers want to throw $$$ at.
  • Immerse ourselves in customer and market research to create a brand and content that knows your audience better than they know themselves.


  • Run your social media accounts, report on ‘likes’, and call it online marketing.
  • Make snoozefest websites that can’t keep your visitors’ attention for 5 seconds, and sure as heck can’t convince them to buy.
  • Throw a bunch of colours and a ‘minimal’ logo together and call it ‘branding’.


  • We will never confuse you with marketing jargon. You’ll understand exactly what we are doing, why we are doing it, and how it will benefit you.
  • We will say “no” if you ask us to do anything that won’t benefit you. Everything we do will grow your business either immediately or down the line.
  • We will treat you as if you’re our first customer, even if you’re #1000. You’ll never be just an account number with us.