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Since it was founded five years ago, the Federal Customs Authority has succeeded through the toil and labor of its employees in establishing a high efficiency and quality federal customs system. It authority has also had a clear and effective imprint on the course of the GCC Customs, as well as on the work of Arab and international customs, through its participation in various committees on customs affairs. However, the future remains tied to more challenges on economic and security levels, and – in the meantime – fraught with several hopes and ambitions for elevating of the banner of the UAE high in the global trade arena. And in light of meticulous reading of the reality of future challenges and ambitions on the customs level, the FCA strategy for the coming years has targeted – as a basic element in the Federal government strategy – upgrading customs work in the state and affording proper climate for the growth of trade and achievement of full flow in the movement of goods, and at the same time bringing about social security in its all-inclusive sense.

Customs UAE
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