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The biz-group family is a collaboration of 3 interdependent brands, combining strengths to deliver performance development solutions. Maximising People Performance Through Training & Development. Since 1993 we have worked with hundreds of organisations, which has allowed us to develop a deep understanding of the cultural and economic realities of businesses across the region. This experience allows us to refine the principles we now know are critical for any successful training and development programme. Delivering results through strategic clarity, alignment and execution. With proven tools for defining priorities, simplifying measures, setting a rhythm of clear communication and ensuring every person in the organisation is aligned, we coach you to deliver sustainable results. Motivating your organisation through innovative team building. At biz-events we provide mental, physical, and creative challenges that bring to life the principles of effective team work

Office 303-305, Building 6
Dubai Media City
PO Box 72423
Dubai, UAE
+971 4 391 4791

Aya Hassan
Mojo PR
+971 50  464 4803