Crowd funding begins for magpie magazine

A crowdfunding project is underway to support the launch of magpie magazine, a new publication looking to cover artistic and cultural subjects across the UAE from a non-commercial perspective. A passion project of Dennis Jarrett, former Editor in Chief of Dubai Week and Abu Dhabi Week – part of Turret Media – magpie will cover fine art, sculpture and 3D work, literature, film, photography, music, theatre and dance, all in a format with a strong focus on design. magpie currently has 24 days of its crowd funding campaign to go and pledges can be made at

“Over the last five or six years I’ve been watching the explosion here in arts, culture, design, performance and other creative endeavours,” says Dennis. “I’ve long felt that this exciting, buzzing scene needed a focal point, a kind of hangout-cum-information exchange that can highlight what’s going on and who’s doing it. Hence magpie, which initially will be a print magazine for the UAE, but we intend to broaden the delivery as well as the coverage to be online… lots of big plans, lots of ambitions.”

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