Arab News partners with online polling firm

Saudi Arabian-based newspaper, Arab News has signed an exclusive partnership with online polling firm, YouGov. The new partnership will see YouGov conduct regular polls in relation to the MENA region to help shed light on regional views towards international events. The agreement will also produce credible research on international opinions on Arab affairs and allow its findings be published on Arab News’ print and digital platforms starting in May, 2017.

“In an era of fast-moving news cycles, information overload and ‘fake news’, there could be no better time for a media brand to invest in quality, credible research such as that produced by YouGov,” says Faisal J. Abbas, Editor-in-Chief, Arab News. “This inevitably means that Arab News readers will enjoy a series of highly insightful research-based reports which will, in turn, bring us closer to understanding the hearts and minds of the region.”