Baroque Worldwide makes new appointment

Dubai-based creative production company, Baroque Worldwide has appointed Filippo Spiezia to the role of Chief Operating Officer. With over 30 years of experience, Filippo previously worked with Publicis Modem in the UK as Art Director, Second Story Interactive Studios in the United States as Senior Interaction Designer and most recently with Digital Design Days in Italy where he worked as the Creative Director. In his new role, he will work closely with Baroque’s other partners and Co-Founders to oversee the company’s business operations and work towards increasing the company’s client base, as well as strengthen its core offerings.

“I strongly believe in elevating the art of storytelling through innovation and in the power of technology to enable us to communicate on a more human level,” says Filippo. “Technology has broadened the scope of personal interactions and I will be looking towards innovative interactive techniques to make human to human connections more engaging, enchanting and meaningful.”

Logistics News ME welcomes new Editor

BNC Publishing has appointed Paromita Dey to the role of Editor for its B2B publication, Logistics News ME. With over five years of experience in the region, Paromita was most recently a Reporter at Construction Week, part of ITP Media Group. In her new role, she will be responsible for the content creation and design of the entire magazine as well as it’s development as a brand.

“I am really excited to join Logistics News ME as its Editor,” says Paromita. “It’s a new challenge for me and I definitely look forward to it. These are exciting times for the logistics sector in the Middle East with so much activity happening. Which will surely give me an opportunity to tap into these areas and create something engaging out of it.”

Your social media reputation actually counts!

Jeremy Nicholls, Group Business Development Manager at MCG Group, talks about how social media platforms have evolved to become an integral part of how candidates portray themselves…

“Personal branding is paramount in the digital age to ensure you are giving off the right impression. Make sure you are happy with yours.”

In the eight years that I have been recruiting, the industry has changed and evolved in many ways, especially in the use of social media to advertise jobs, promote your brand and headhunt suitable candidates for vacancies. When I started recruiting in 2009, Facebook had 200 million users and compared to its current level (1.7 billion), was very much in its infancy. Linkedin was even smaller at 40 million (now 106 million), Twitter was just a toddler at three years old and Snapchat hadn’t even hit the online shelves of the app store.

In today’s digital world we are far more connected and accessible then ever before. Social media has its supporters as well as its detractors, but no one can deny that it has made the world smaller by allowing us to interact with people we historically didn’t get the chance to. It also encourages us to promote ‘brand me’ and if done correctly can have some great benefits on a professional level.

If managed incorrectly however, it can lead to embarrassment (pictures of those cringe-worthy 90’s haircuts) or even disaster with many reports of people losing their jobs based on social media faux pas’.

In my current position, I meet a lot of clients, I always try to be as prepared as possible ahead of meeting someone new and one of the first things I do is review their Linkedin profile − I’d be lying if I said I don’t look them up on Facebook too. I try to find out about the person (do we have any mutual connections, where are they from, where did they study, what are their interests) so I can discover common grounds to help me build rapport and develop a good relationship. Your social media profiles are the ‘you’ you decide to show the digital world. When you are in the situation of looking for a new job the important question to ask yourself is, ‘Is this how I want to project myself to a potential future employer?’

I’m a firm believer of ‘first impressions mean a lot’, when starting any relationship, be it personal or professional. If a potential employer’s first impression of you is based on the ‘digital’ you, it’s crucial that you are comfortable with how you present yourself and it’s suitable for the job or career of your choice. A wise person once said ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ and your profile picture can tell a story all on it’s own. What we are never able to control is another person’s opinion, what we can control is how we manage that opinion: is a picture of you in fancy dress at the Rugby 7’s a suitable image you wish to promote? It may well be, depending on industry, etc. but it could also be taken the wrong way.

Employment itself in many ways has become more casual − this can be seen in dress code (remember the power suits in Mad Men?), flexible hours and home working. But what is important to remember is when a company employs us, we represent them as an ambassador of their brand.

When applying for a position, know the company. Does it have the sort of culture that represents something which will engage you and allow you to thrive? Do your research, look at its website and social media accounts (if any) and try to speak to people who work there now or in the past. If you think it looks right for you, consider the way your social media accounts present you and whether your digital appearance is in line with the company. Your picture, your groups, your posts. All of these things can potentially be taken into consideration for your application. Most recruitment agencies would be able to help advise you on how to best present yourself, while keeping the said client in mind.

If you are active on Linkedin (which I recommend), ask former colleagues or clients for recommendations, which will act as additional references for you. Put plenty of detail into your profile, consider it as an extension of your CV. Never be afraid to add your hobbies and interests. All of these are an insight into you outside of work and shows you as a real person.

In 2017 it’s important to remember your social media reputation actually counts! When you apply for a job, employers have the ability to look you up online. Personal branding is paramount in the digital age to ensure you are giving off the right impression. Make sure you are happy with yours.

Motivate promotes Nyree McFarlane

Motivate Publishing has promoted Nyree McFarlane to the role of Head of Digital Content. Previously Online Editor for What’s On Dubai’s digital platform, Nyree will now be responsible for the development and growth of all digital platforms for the publishing house, including, and

“I’m really excited to be able to help drive Motivate’s already excellent digital brands into the future, building agile, innovative, audience-loyal products that put story telling first,” says Nyree. “We already speak to a unique audience of a million people a month and I look forward to seeing the reach continue to build.”

Integrated content and communications agency launches

Dubai-based PR professional, Natalie Johnson has launched a new content creation and communications agency, The Y Project. Previously Senior Account Manager at Edelman DABO and most recently, Marketing Manager at Bull & Roo, Natalie has over seven years of experience in marketing and communications. The agency aims to offer its clients creative communication services ranging from copywriting and content creation to planning, art direction and photography.

New promotions at The Qode

Dubai-based luxury PR agency, The Qode has announced three promotions within its communications team. Previously Senior Communications Executive, Gopika Madan will now take on the role of Associate Communications Manager. In her new role, Gopika will be responsible for the execution of strategic PR campaigns and maintaining relationships with existing clients as well as pursuing new business opportunities for the agency. Lyaila Mufti and Alessandra Battalia have been promoted from Communications Executives to the role of Senior Communications Executives. Lyaila and Alessandra will continue to contribute to the development of their existing accounts as well as contribute to research and proposals for new business opportunities.